spring has sprung

nothing too exciting has been going on here this week other than spring cleaning. next week however, ammy comes for a visit so we are excited about that! my mom and i both have april birthdays so we always enjoy celebrating together. it is so fun having a birthday in the spring. it seems like the calendar year should start in spring when every thing is “bright and beautiful” and so fresh and new. actually, i think it used to until the mid 17oo’s (during jonathan and sarah edwards life and times). anyway, we were able to get outside some this week which stella loved!! she ran and ran and ran. it was so funny seeing her run laps on our sidewalks, expending what seemed like 6 months of stored up energy!

nothing says warmer weather like sidewalk chalk!

these are stella’s neighbor friends. we call them the “ella” girls b/c they all 3 have “ella” in their name – gabriella, stella and sabella.

finally getting to play on her playground!

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  1. Love these pics and I agree with you about starting the year in the Spring. Stella looks adorable as usual. Has she heard the lovely melodies of the ice cream truck yet?Cindy


  2. Thanks, Cindy. Hope all is well with you now that Rachel is back from Sr. Trip! I know you missed her. The ice cream truck has only been through a few times so far and I think it has usually been during Stelly’s naptime. I’m sure it’ll be making regular rounds through the neighborhood soon though! 🙂


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