Our Promise

Thanks to those of you who have followed our adoption journey as I've shared it here this past month. For our friends in Florida who haven't been with us from the beginning of the process, I hope reading about it has helped you to feel more a part of things by knowing how we got... Continue Reading →

The Money Thing

Adoption can be expensive. It costs about $25,000 for domestic infant adoption. After our first information gathering meeting at Bethany, we were overwhelmed with the cost and discouraged knowing we certainly didn't have that kind of money. 33% of Americans consider adoption. 79% of those are concerned about the costs, the biggest deterrent. Less than... Continue Reading →

Transracial Adoption – How?

In yesterday's post, I wrote about the concept of missional living to answer the question of why we're adopting transracially. In today's post, to answer the how question, I'll use the term incarnational.During our transracial adoption training at Bethany, we were required to watch a lengthy video of several adoptees evaluating their experience being raised... Continue Reading →

Transracial Adoption – Why?

This is a hard post to write in the aftermath of the Ferguson verdict yesterday. As a family approaching transracial adoption, specifically African American placement, I feel my heart pulled in two different directions. One is the world of white privilege I've always known and taken for granted, and the other is the world our... Continue Reading →

A Father’s Heart

(This post originally appeared here in June 2013. As I wrote yesterday, it is the outpouring of what God was helping me think through as we attended adoption training to help our child with the grief of a lost birth parent relationship.)I held it like it was you, that red crochet heart. It hung on... Continue Reading →

Adoption Exists Because Sin Exists

In a post last week, I shared the joyous theological truths that resonated with us and motivated us to pursue adopting a child. Physical adoption, on so many levels, is indeed a beautiful picture of those spiritual truths.Our parents, Adam and Eve, were God's children but sin separated them, and thereby us, from him and... Continue Reading →

How Open Are We Willing to Be?

One of the harder things for us to work through in the adoption process was our openness preferences. What does that mean? It means the type of birth scenario we were open to stepping into...involving everything from expectant parent's IQ, mental health history, and potential drug and alcohol use during pregnancy, to the child's medical... Continue Reading →

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