well, after i butchered our html, my tech savvy husband rescued our blog from destruction. it really wasn’t that bad, but i got scared i would lose our archives and stopped messing w/ it until he had time to look at it and remedy my mistakes. it took him all of 2 minutes. anyway, i’m still working on updating the new look (thanks to ava, liela and connor for the inspiration – it’s hard keeping up with the tallys! :)).

here are some pics of one of our spring activities so far this month – making edible bird nests. they turned out OK. not as good as kara’s but it was a different recipe. stella had a blast regardless!

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  1. oh stop!You can only thank connor b/c his mommy is the one who lead me to do the same. Yours is super cute though….I will have to check and see if mine will stay the same. Stella cracks me up…all her pictures say, ‘yes…I am cute…what else do you have for me.’


  2. ooh! i like it!! 🙂 and if nic won’t take the credit i will…. haha!! i’m always afraid i’ll mess ours up. i think i’ve got the hang of it though so i’m pretty sure i’ll be switching it again… and again… and again. 🙂 there were just too many fun choices. those little peep nests were super cute! you have so many good ideas for fun stuff like that.


  3. okay. I think it is high time that I leave you a comment Erica. . .I just love your blog and I have peeked in several times lately. . .I have never met you I don’t think–but we do have several mutual friends. I went to BJ at the same time your husband was there, I believe. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! She seems like quite the little character! I also have enjoyed your testimony through the trials of your current pregnancy. Thank you for sharing what God has done and is doing in your life!sarah braninep.s. and I love the new look of your blog;)


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