Bold City Weakness

Four years ago today we caravanned into Jacksonville, arriving just in time to close on our new house - a house we'd seen one time for about ten minutes a few months earlier. Having just said heart-wrenching good byes to our church, friends, and family up north and to all that was familiar, we pulled... Continue Reading →

2015: Walking Forward with a Limp

Lunches packed, backpacks zipped, and the girls buckled in. Matt pulls the van out of the garage this morning as "Speak Life" blares through the speakers. He's doing his own cheorgraphy to make Ruby laugh. We're all forced smiles and silly dancing to hide our sadness that the time has come for our family to... Continue Reading →

No Turning Back

Our lives met that summer. Paths crossed and eyes locked. Love tiptoed in and grabbed hold of our hearts and turned them right over. Although everything seemed just perfect when we'd met for lunch, counting the hours until we could talk or see each other again. Trying as hard and we could to be reasonable... Continue Reading →

Already Not Yet

At our church's business meeting last Sunday, Matt gave a 3-month update since coming to OPBC. Overall, we are thankful for a smooth transition to life in Florida. In some ways, it seems like we just got here and in other ways, it feels like we've been here forever.Just Got HereThe bugs. I thought it... Continue Reading →

Another Week

Easter bunny craft since we didn't want to end up with a PAAS-dyed hotel room. Hotel living has its perks!Thankful for Netflix:)Can't get over this gorgeous view we enjoy while running errands. Sweet new friends reaching out to us and our kids...Ruby asked when we were going to get her one?!Water gun fightsAnd wagon ridesProgress... Continue Reading →

God’s Wisdom on Display – Final Part

I've been reading through Hebrews 11 lately. Some recongize this chapter as the "Hall of Faith" because it catalogs acts of faith God enabled his people to do through the ages. My heart resonated with the final verses when the author, clearly overwhelmed with God's equipping his servants to perform all he asks, says, "And... Continue Reading →

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