Very Good

The baby boy that was all chubby cheeks and belly laughs and ear infections and mischief turns 8 years old today. How those 7 pounds turned into almost 70, that wavy tawny hair turned into a pompadour, and those subtle coos turned into non-stop talking is a mother’s grief and delight. Your dad and I... Continue Reading →

The Joy of You

I watch you out the window as you run to our mailbox, eagerly anticipating the treasures in today's delivery. Any mom who spends her days at home can relate to this simple highlight of the day. And just like you don't want to miss the joy of the mail, I'm so thankful I haven't missed... Continue Reading →

Rock of Ages When the Year is Long

So you have the audacity to go ahead and turn another year older, do you? In motherly determination, I push deep and try not to feel the angst. It's hard for me this year, I'm not going to lie. Maybe it's because my soul was dripping wet with thousands of tears and hung out to... Continue Reading →

Unremarkably Remarkable

Photo Credit: Zachery David Photography We knew what we'd name you long before we saw you. Your name waited for you. But on that rainy December day leaving our ultrasound appointment, we pulled it out of our hearts and said it right to yours. Joel Schaeffer Owen. Every time I see it, I am reminded... Continue Reading →

The Best of Boys

In September of 2010, I went to my first True Woman Conference. There was at least one male attendee among the hundreds of women there. His name was Joel Schaeffer Owen and, the four month old bundle of baby boy, was with me. I was still pretty overwhelmed at the fact of having a boy.... Continue Reading →

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