Shock and Awe

You’re not one to pick up on a turn of phrase or value strategically placed words. You barely slow down to read these posts, smile and say, “Thank you, Mommy!” I suppose I write them, then, to show you someday, maybe when time and age have caught up with you, that behind these little words... Continue Reading →

Very Good

The baby boy that was all chubby cheeks and belly laughs and ear infections and mischief turns 8 years old today. How those 7 pounds turned into almost 70, that wavy tawny hair turned into a pompadour, and those subtle coos turned into non-stop talking is a mother’s grief and delight. Your dad and I... Continue Reading →

Artist Appreciation

For one of your birthday gifts this year, you wanted to go on CustomInk to design your own T-shirt. You knew just what you wanted the T-shirt to say: “I am made by an Artist.” Your acknowledgement of that truth shot through my heart and struck me deeply. I absorbed the blow and considered why... Continue Reading →

Pressing Heavenward

I didn't set my alarm this morning. Four decades and a year deserves that, right? But I hear the baby in the night and trip over my flip flops, and another child, to get to her and - gross -  was that sand I felt fall out of our sheets?! Nights at the soccer field,... Continue Reading →

Caught Between

I'm putting on my make up in the bathroom and you come in wanting to talk. You look frustrated and tell me how hard it is to be caught between being a teenager and a little kid.Today you turn 11, and you say there are so many changes and the process is emotionally exhausting and... Continue Reading →

God’s Ruby

I kiss your cheek at the stroke of midnight and from a heart bursting with love and concern spontaneously pray God's care over you in this next year of life. You're another year older today and I hope we are another year wiser. There's so much inside of this bundle of Ruby and 8 years... Continue Reading →

You Are Strong but Not Strong Enough

 How can I almost cry through a soccer game watching your little body sprint and muscle bound legs extend up and down the field? It's not like you're wearing a cute dress with your hair in curls singing a sweet, smiley song in a school program. You're sweaty and throwing elbows and have fire in... Continue Reading →

The Joy of You

I watch you out the window as you run to our mailbox, eagerly anticipating the treasures in today's delivery. Any mom who spends her days at home can relate to this simple highlight of the day. And just like you don't want to miss the joy of the mail, I'm so thankful I haven't missed... Continue Reading →

Sunshine’s Blaze: A Birthday Prayer

I've borrowed breath for 39 years now. I've borrowed love, words, wisdom, rest, strength, and many other gifts. Actually, what do I have that I haven't received? And what have I shared that I wasn't given? You see, at best I'm a bankrupt borrower. And always, he's a lavish lender. So, I have a hunch... Continue Reading →

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