It Takes a Church, a Family, and a School

The African proverb, "It takes a village," succinctly describes our interdependence as humans on one another to make it through life. My guest poster today, highlights that truth as she thanks various people for the important roles they played in her life, particularly during a stretching first year of Jr. High in the Accelerated Learning Academy... Continue Reading →

Still Counting the Days

You walked across the stage several times yesterday getting 6th grade academic awards ranking you, in various subjects, at the top of your class of over 100 kids. Your elementary years are over and you are headed to one of the public junior high schools near us, having been invited into their accelerated learning track... Continue Reading →

Caught Between

I'm putting on my make up in the bathroom and you come in wanting to talk. You look frustrated and tell me how hard it is to be caught between being a teenager and a little kid.Today you turn 11, and you say there are so many changes and the process is emotionally exhausting and... Continue Reading →

Grace For Every Hurdle

It's been a few weeks since your ninth birthday. Did I really think if I didn't write my annual post to you I could bypass the reality that we most likely only have nine more years together? And I feel like your dad and I are still hunched over you in the back seat, trying... Continue Reading →

Growing Love and Growing Up

Photo: Zachery David Photography I watch your long sun-kissed arms gracefully comb through your sandy brown hair. You evaluate your face in the mirror and ask about plucking your eyebrows. Then you strike a pose, looking back at yourself, and ask me what I think of that "look." I try not to panic as the... Continue Reading →

I Thought I Was Safe

Last week I enjoyed laughing at the comical ways Stella's peers described their moms and thought since I'm the teacher I was safe from those embarrassing exposures. Then Sunday came. Stella's Sunday school teacher had her class fill out one of those handy dandy questionnaires about their moms. Apparently my favorite thing to wear is... Continue Reading →

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