Linked In: The Resume of God’s Servants

The world had just survived the turn of a new millennium, leaving people wondering what they were going to do with all those unneeded canned goods and jugs of water they’d hoarded in their basements or Y2K bunkers. Like most other young adults whose optimism and naiveté deemed anything catastrophic practically impossible, we barely noticed... Continue Reading →

Bold City Weakness

Four years ago today we caravanned into Jacksonville, arriving just in time to close on our new house - a house we'd seen one time for about ten minutes a few months earlier. Having just said heart-wrenching good byes to our church, friends, and family up north and to all that was familiar, we pulled... Continue Reading →

Longing for Home

When I pulled up to 15539 Keppen in Allen Park last December, I instinctively expected to see the faces of our older girls peering out the window at me, waving me in. I expected to see a Dora big wheel parked in the driveway or a tiny picnic table retired from its summer duties, collecting... Continue Reading →

No Turning Back

Our lives met that summer. Paths crossed and eyes locked. Love tiptoed in and grabbed hold of our hearts and turned them right over. Although everything seemed just perfect when we'd met for lunch, counting the hours until we could talk or see each other again. Trying as hard and we could to be reasonable... Continue Reading →

Adoption Update

The week we moved, back in April, I contacted the Bethany office we'd be working with here in Florida to make sure they had received our file and to get information about moving forward with our adoption in our new home. At that point, it seemed the transfer would be relatively smooth. We were told... Continue Reading →

Grace For Every Hurdle

It's been a few weeks since your ninth birthday. Did I really think if I didn't write my annual post to you I could bypass the reality that we most likely only have nine more years together? And I feel like your dad and I are still hunched over you in the back seat, trying... Continue Reading →

Rock of Ages When the Year is Long

So you have the audacity to go ahead and turn another year older, do you? In motherly determination, I push deep and try not to feel the angst. It's hard for me this year, I'm not going to lie. Maybe it's because my soul was dripping wet with thousands of tears and hung out to... Continue Reading →

Another Week

Easter bunny craft since we didn't want to end up with a PAAS-dyed hotel room. Hotel living has its perks!Thankful for Netflix:)Can't get over this gorgeous view we enjoy while running errands. Sweet new friends reaching out to us and our kids...Ruby asked when we were going to get her one?!Water gun fightsAnd wagon ridesProgress... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Hotel

We've been in Jacksonville almost a week now. We have received an overwhelmingly warm welcome from our OPBC family. They've been keeping us well-fed as we set up house in the local Holiday Inn for awhile until our home is move-in ready.Here are a few pics of our new area.Our church buildingHoly Week activities hotel... Continue Reading →

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