2V2A9940-EditMost days you will catch me carrying on an endless conversation with myself, trying to sort through all the stuff going on in my heart.

How the past doesn’t stay there, how I can be surprised by joy and tempted by anger almost simultaneously, making sense of the spinning world and growing kids around me, and discovering who God is and what he says about it all.

I’ve seen some dark days in my growing up years and God continues to help me face my past through the kindness and love of his fatherly voice in the Word.

Like most women, I do all the things. A few well, most not.

But, one thing I must do, is seek after Jesus. I want to think like him, love like him, and live like him.

And this writing is part of my journey to that end.

In these virtual pages, I take what has happened or is happening in my life and interact with it – the trials, joys, and everything in between – turning it, examining it, and processing it through the truth of the Bible.

I fight with words to align my heart with his.

And I don’t want to forget what he has taught and is teaching me.

So welcome to the museum of memories God is helping me curate from his perspective.

It’s not all pretty. But that’s not what makes something worth seeing and remembering.

What makes something worth seeing is its value. And nothing is more valuable than Jesus. So where you see him in my memories, is what I hope you will remember.

And maybe after spending some time here, you’ll see him even more in yours.



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