Ponderings from a Pierced Heart

We hold our babies, swaddle them, sing to them. We study their hands unwrapping their fingers grip on ours, wondering if they’ll be able to palm a basketball or reach an octave on the piano. We love to dream of their potential. We pray for them. But every mother knows we can verbalize only a... Continue Reading →

When It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas

The candles flicker in their mason jar holders. Fake candles they are, because heaven knows I'd burn the house down with real fire.Christmas looks different this year. It feels different. It even smells different. Our old dollar store decorations look tired and beg a well earned rest from their decade plus of duty. The kids... Continue Reading →

The Day After

So what happens the day after Mother's Day when another hurdle has been jumped but your brave heart has melted and the hurt is still there and your arms are still empty? And not only are your arms empty but maybe that finger on your left hand is too. And it has been for too... Continue Reading →

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