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The world had just survived the turn of a new millennium, leaving people wondering what they were going to do with all those unneeded canned goods and jugs of water they’d hoarded in their basements or Y2K bunkers. Like most other young adults whose optimism and naiveté deemed anything catastrophic practically impossible, we barely noticed... Continue Reading →

Bold City Weakness

Four years ago today we caravanned into Jacksonville, arriving just in time to close on our new house - a house we'd seen one time for about ten minutes a few months earlier. Having just said heart-wrenching good byes to our church, friends, and family up north and to all that was familiar, we pulled... Continue Reading →

Doubly Loved

I got a foretaste this week of maybe what being a grandparent will be like. A grandmother once told me, "You love your grandkids so much because you love them twice. You love their parents and then you love them. They're doubly loved!"And so are these dear ones. We spent nearly 7 years loving their... Continue Reading →

No Turning Back

Our lives met that summer. Paths crossed and eyes locked. Love tiptoed in and grabbed hold of our hearts and turned them right over. Although everything seemed just perfect when we'd met for lunch, counting the hours until we could talk or see each other again. Trying as hard and we could to be reasonable... Continue Reading →

God’s Wisdom on Display – Final Part

I've been reading through Hebrews 11 lately. Some recongize this chapter as the "Hall of Faith" because it catalogs acts of faith God enabled his people to do through the ages. My heart resonated with the final verses when the author, clearly overwhelmed with God's equipping his servants to perform all he asks, says, "And... Continue Reading →

God’s Wisdom on Display – Part 3

Sunday was our last day singing in the Worship Music Ensemble. One of my favorite things about singing in ensemble is that we get to look at everyone while we sing. To me (although I know not many would be comfortable with this!) it is the perfect way to apply the "to one another" from... Continue Reading →

God’s Wisdom on Display – Part 2

I remember sitting in a class on 1 and 2 Corinthians in college and realizing for the first time that God designed the church so there would be unity amongst diversity. I think then, I mostly saw that truth in the context of spiritual gifts - that he dispersed differing gifts to each member of... Continue Reading →

Living in Community

Means crumbs in your couch and satisfied souls! For the record, the latter is definitely worth the clean up of the former. Now just remind me of that during the five o'clock mad dash as we get ready for groups! 🙂 Posted with Blogsy

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