fun week

we had a great week with my mom and were sad to see her go. matt and i got to have a rare date night while she was here which was so nice. he recounted to me all the amazing sermons he heard at T4G on our way to grand rapids for our date. i love being married to a man who loves the gospel!
the “3” of us before we left for our night out

so sweet! i love this picture. stelly was quite sad to see my mom go.
stelly has had a few firsts recently. her hair is finally long enough to do pig-tails and i painted her little piggies for the first time! it’s so much fun having a little girl!!

2 thoughts on “fun week

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  1. You and Matt look great as always and we love Stelly of course! Remember that we are always here if you need a date night.Cindy O


  2. I too am thankful that my husband was able to go to T4G and am thankful for all of the encouragement he received. . .I am also very glad to have him home again! I decided that next time, I really want to go with!Wahoo for your date–and your shirt is too cute! And Miss Stella looks so pleased with her pink toesies;) sweet;)


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