Linked In: The Resume of God’s Servants

The world had just survived the turn of a new millennium, leaving people wondering what they were going to do with all those unneeded canned goods and jugs of water they’d hoarded in their basements or Y2K bunkers. Like most other young adults whose optimism and naiveté deemed anything catastrophic practically impossible, we barely noticed... Continue Reading →

I Do

“Let’s say our vows to each other again today at the wedding.” You looked at me with that familiar, comfortable love which still makes sparks fly, no matter what nays others say. I agreed. So we did. Right there in our pew, in silent meditation, along with Aaron and Cassidy, our arms entwined and our... Continue Reading →

Outshining the Sun

The Bible says to look at the sky to know God’s there. The sun that brightly runs its course, never late, spanning the globe. The moon and star-flung galaxies, stretching the expanse above, showing his glory and greatness. And I look, captivated by wonder, and find comfort that he’s holding it all together. But I... Continue Reading →

Draw Me Nearer

I was driving home from a piano lesson the summer we started dating and noticed that even on an overcast day the world around me seemed more beautiful than I had observed before. It occurred to me that it was the experience of our new love that opened my eyes to see things with a... Continue Reading →

I Married This Man

I listened to you preach on Sunday, watching you form your words and pull that passion right out of your heart. I knew the Word had kept you up late and got you up early and it needed to come out. And I was praying for you, assuring you even though I couldn't help you... Continue Reading →

No Turning Back

Our lives met that summer. Paths crossed and eyes locked. Love tiptoed in and grabbed hold of our hearts and turned them right over. Although everything seemed just perfect when we'd met for lunch, counting the hours until we could talk or see each other again. Trying as hard and we could to be reasonable... Continue Reading →

Take That, Cleopatra

Lancelot had GuinevereScarlett O’Hara needed RhettElizabeth humbled Mr. DarcyRomeo loved Juliet Immortalized foreverThough their creators turned to dustArchetypes of passionBut they could never be us To Solomon, the ShulamiteLuther found Von BoraAntony had CleopatraLewis was surprised by Joy Lovers real as sand or seaTheir vows of love yet repercussStill remembered when we’re forgottenBut they could never be us They... Continue Reading →

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