i don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that including the time i read to her each day, stelly would love to have her nose in a book for hours on end. whether she’s being read to or “reading” to herself, it is definitely her favorite thing to do!

trying to remember…
maybe this is where it was…
nope…try again.

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  1. Just like Maggie!! Hey, do you have the Leap Frog DVDs? Letter Factory, Talking Words Factory, etc.? Maggie started watching the Letter Factory when she was about Stella’s age, and she picked up her letter sounds so fast. They are really cute and entertaining…she is now reading books like a first or second grader!! I credit those DVDs with most of the results!! I love that she is wearing that Tinkerbell dress. She looks adorable!


  2. she loves that tinkerbell dress – thanks again! 🙂yes, she has been into the letter factory for some time now and they are SO helpful in teaching phonics, etc. i think every commnent i’ve heard about them has been positive! i would love to hear maggie read! what a smart little girl she is! hope you’re doing well. am sure you’re ready for some sunshine in WI by now. hopefully just a few more weeks of this snowy, cold weather for us both! have a great week, trish! good to hear from you.


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