household drudgery? i hope not!

each month with stelly is such a joy. it’s wonderful to enjoy life from her perspective. things we might take for granted have a whole new significance when seen from her little 2 year old eyes. these past few months have been humbling reminders too of how much we need God’s help to train her in the way she should go. i don’t think it’s a stretch to compare it to what paul mentions in II cor 11:28, that daily he faced the pressure of his concern for all the churches. i must admit i don’t have a lot of “stress” the way it’s commonly viewed, but the responsibility of parenting is a weighty one, and it’s good to feel that weight. in the “mundaneness” of my life as a wife and mother, it’s so important i never miss the perspective of one of the main reasons why i do what i do. i love this quote in a book by one of my spiritual heroes, missionary elisabeth elliot:
“The story is told of three women washing clothes. A passerby asked each what she was doing.
“Washing clothes,” was the first answer. “A bit of household drudgery,” was the second. “I’m mothering 3 young children who some day will fill important and useful spheres in life, and wash-day is a part of my grand task in caring for these souls who shall live forever,” was the third.”
now, the third lady’s perspective is the one i want!
here are some misc. shots from some sept. activities:
ever so hesitantly petting the bunny our little piggy

mirroring the way daddy was standing
sun hats are so important on those blustery fall days
before heading to the library for reading time
taking after her mimi in the kitchen
she loves to watch me make dinner and says, “i see?” when she wants to stand on the stool to get a closer look

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  1. Oh girl, how I feel the same burden and desire.:-) And Jonas is only 15 mos. old. 🙂 His defiant streak has really shown lately and he is teething. This is one of the worst teethings phases he has gone through. He is on 11th and 12th tooth now. I’m headed up to Midland this Friday to visit with my sister. I hope to experience cooler weather up there! We are still having some 90 degree days here.


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