enjoying the last little bit of summer

stella absolutely loves josey. if we’ve having people over i’ll say, “stelly! guess who’s coming to our house?” her go-to answer is always, “josey!” if i ask her what we did that day, once again her answer is almost always, “josey!” last week, we did get to have josey over to play and stelly was loving life! here they are enjoying their fruit snacks and sippy cups.

it has been nice having some extra time to play outside and go for walks with the extended summer weather. stelly loves to play on her “playground” as she calls it. thanks to some very generous friends for this fun gift!

although it looks like we were feeding the ducks in the middle of the night it was actually still light out, but we had to use the flash anyway. there’s a nice little pond and lots of ducks along the new walking track that circles fairlane green and all the new shops. some friends told us to take stelly there and let her feed the ducks. she loved it!

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