eastern market

ok. i know some of you have already gone to the eastern market, but if you haven’t, you have GOT to go. it was one of the most fun things we’ve done in awhile. it was a gorgeous day which made the city radiate and the fact that i’m a foodie probably predisposes me to enjoy all things food-related, but if you take those factors out, i think anyone would enjoy the market. there are several football fields worth of fresh, beautiful produce, spices from around the world, bright assortments of mums and fresh-cut flowers, fish, beef…you name it, it’s there. it’s similar to pike’s place market in seattle but bigger and with our own unique detroit edge.
there are a few fun places to eat too. we had a delicious lunch at russell street deli. next to it there is zeff’s coney island (featured in RR everyday mag a few mos back). a few doors down is johnny mac’s cookie factory.
the public market is open year around on sat from 6am-4pm. i’ve heard that the earlier you go the better selection, but the later you go, the better the prices.
here are a few pics from our fun morning…

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  1. FOODIE? Did I hear the word foodie? Girl, you’ve got to get over to my house for a visit!!!!!!!!! I love Eastern Market too – but haven’t been in SUCH a long time.


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