Some Fun Stuff – Possible Names, Baby Clothes, and a Rocker

This series has been heavy at times, so I thought as I wind it down, I’d mix it up a bit and throw in a little fun!

Since moving to Florida, I will admit I have become an avid Walmart shopper. We have one literally 2 minutes from our house (and Target is about 20 minutes away now), so it is the store nearest us. But it’s also super affordable. Since they started their Savings Catcher program in August, I have gotten back over $30.00 in the past few months alone. Also, I have found some really cute clothes for me and the kids there and some fun home decor. (These pillows: cute for winter and cuter for anytime.)

A few days ago, I stumbled upon this site that chronicles great Walmart finds. Imagine my excitement. 🙂

I couldn’t help but be drawn to these adorable baby clothes they linked to.

Stinkin’ cute or what?! They look like they’re straight off the rack at H&M!

This fall it hit me that I wasn’t shopping in the baby/toddler section anymore and I have been going through serious withdraw from not shoving some chubby baby thighs into jeggings or snapping a necktie appliqued onesie on a little bod. (This baby needs to come quickly!)

Next, how about this mid-mod rocker?! Especially in the always in style, IMHO, happy orange color. 🙂 I’ve never had a rocker in a nursery and don’t even know if I’d use it, but I like looking at it!

Last, and on another note, we’ve had much time to consider names for our new little babe. We wanted to pick a name that would be appropriate to his/her ethnic heritage and to our family heritage. We have settled on a boy and girl option. (I will caveat that we are open to working with the birth family to incorporate a name of their choosing into the child’s name as well, so these are subject to change.)

For a boy, we have picked Carter Matthew. We like that he will be named after his dad (Matthew) and we also like how Carter matches with Schaeffer’s name. But we also appreciate the man behind the Carter name, Pastor Tony Carter. We have some very good friends who attend East Point Church in East Point, GA, where he is the lead pastor. You may know him from his work with The Front Porch or his writing in Tabletalk. He and his wife, Adriane, extended such kindness to me and Matt a few years back when we were in GA for a funeral, allowing us to come over to their house on a Friday night and grill them with questions on church planting and how there might be any hope for us white people to have a multiethnic ministry. They showed us around their house, introduced us to their 5 kids, and sat in their living room with us like they had nothing better to do than entertain two strangers who wanted to keep following Jesus and glean wisdom from their experience and biblical knowledge. I’m currently reading Pastor Carter’s book, Bloodwork. What a godly namesake!

For a girl, we have chosen the name Aaliyah Sunshine. We like Aaliyah because it is feminine and fits well with Stella’s and Ruby’s names. And Matt has insisted (although I’m not opposed to it at all) we use my middle name, Sunshine, for her. He loves it and I love knowing she would bear my name, signifying the bright days ahead for her, by the grace of God.

But for now, we wait and pray, trusting our God who already knows the child he has us for, and who will give him/her to us at the right time. He has never been late before, and we are confident he’ll be right on time again.

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