What Schaefer Taught Us – Part 3

In April 2013, we were thankful to see American Family Planning at 4132 Schaefer, close its doors for good. Stricter legislation to regulate abortions was instrumental in this closure, since Dr. Ann didn’t want to comply with the new requirements. We knew God had answered our prayers and was even being merciful to those who didn’t readily recognize it, removing the ease of obtaining abortions in that area. In June, Matt was asked to participate in the Memorial Service for the thousands of babies who lost their lives there over the years. For the first time in all of our visits to the property, we were able to legally set foot in the parking lot, which actually felt more like a graveyard. The sun peeked from behind the clouds that hot summer day, in contrast to the bitter cold mornings we had spent there just a few months before. It was a kind reminder to us that the Son is risen with healing in his wings. Ultimately in the next life, but still in this life for those facing the tremendous difficulty of an unplanned pregnancy and for those who continue to deal with the post traumatic stress of having an abortion. Here are Matt’s timely words.


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