Take That, Cleopatra

Photo Credit: Joy Golson

Lancelot had Guinevere

Scarlett O’Hara needed Rhett

Elizabeth humbled Mr. Darcy

Romeo loved Juliet


Immortalized forever

Though their creators turned to dust

Archetypes of passion

But they could never be us


To Solomon, the Shulamite

Luther found Von Bora

Antony had Cleopatra

Lewis was surprised by Joy


Lovers real as sand or sea

Their vows of love yet repercuss

Still remembered when we’re forgotten

But they could never be us


They may see romantic vistas

Paris, Venice, Santorini Island

They may vow forever pledges

Sealed with roses, wine, and diamonds


What we know they’ve never dreamed

Their sun will never reach our solstice

They may be a lot of things

But they could never be us

-MJO, 2012


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