A Statement of Faith for a Step of Faith

“Our home is a home where hope in Jesus is realized in an atmosphere echoing the grace and love we’ve received from Him. We aren’t perfect, but Jesus is, so we look to Him long and often through His Word and find what we need to get through life in this fallen world. We are happy, not because of all we’ve seen and done, but because of all Jesus has done for us. We are satisfied and secure, not because we have everything we want, but because He has provided everything we need. We believe there is no greater gift we can give our children than dazzling them with the good news of Jesus and living our lives basking in that good news too.”

We recently wrote a Statement of Faith for our family, excerpted in part above. It was another means for us to preach the gospel to ourselves and remember the gospel isn’t just a doorway we walk through when we first believe, but the pathway on which we continue each step of our spiritual journey. What we believe about the Bible and Jesus really is connected to all of life. To put it in familiar terms, our doctrine effects our deportment and our creed our conduct.

And we’ll need to keep remembering that these next months as our family takes a step of faith, asking Him to bring another baby into this imperfect but always-receiving-better-than-we-deserve home through the means of adoption. We welcome a new little one to see the Savior we worship and exalt. We long to lavish heartfelt love on a child because our Father has loved us just like He loves Jesus and has made us joint-heirs with Him. Our blessed position continually humbles us and has compelled us to respond to the great love He has poured out in our hearts. We have much to learn as we walk this often unpredictable path. Already our illusions of parental control are being shattered. We are resting in God who has always been the one sovereignly placing just the right children in our home with certain dispositions, skills, propensities toward particular sins, and each uniquely bearing His glorious image.

The sign we made to track our progress through the process!

Like the times we’ve received the positive sign on a pregnancy test, we’ve again received a positive indicator. This time, though, from an agency stating our informal and formal online applications have been received and accepted, and our paperwork is being processed for their Domestic Infant Adoption Program.

So, we are expecting…expecting God to glorify Himself in our hearts, our extended family, our church, our community of friends, and in the life of the baby whom we cannot wait to give our love, our name, and the investment of our lives. Will you consider laboring with us to deliver this little one into our family?

“My soul, wait only on God; for my expectation is from him.” (Psalm 62:5)


This is probably the only adoption related post we will blog about here. We are establising a separate webpage for our adoption process where updates will be posted as well as fundraising opportunities. We’ll let you know when that page is complete!


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