my iphone’s glimpses of 2011: part 2

april – june (upper left corner)

1) in our bed sick with the flu
2) pneumonia’s in our house – poor ruby-bear
3) safe in daddy’s arms
4) in the mood for a spring craft
5) in season again – with love from my girls
6) “in”chiladas (corny, i know) and quesadillas for cinco de mayo party
7) in love with our little squirt
8) riding the pony in meijer – because she won’t ask much longer
9) brother and sister intently staring
10) in ruby’s glove at tiger’s stadium
11) at the zoo in toledo – one last kindergarten field trip
12) inevitably getting away with something by flashing those bunny teeth
13) dipping their brushes in sidewalk paint
14) bookworm in danger of tripping
15) inside out?
16) at krispy kreme in denial our ruby is 3
17) in over their heads at swimming lessons
18) inundated with color – using every crayon she has on 1 picture

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