Tay-fur, Tay-fur, Tay-fur

Ruby started saying Schaeffer’s name last week. Until then she had referred to him as “baby” but now she chants his name and moves her arms imitating him. It’s too cute.

Our boy is 3 months old today. He still has some of his newborn-ness – he’s still all balled up (maybe it’s b/c I mush him up so he stays that way), he still makes a few of the cute little “new” noises, he’s still a bobble-head, and he still smells like a newborn – but I know over the next few weeks these sweet things will disappear all too soon.

So for the next month I’ll be mushing and listening and sniffing (selectively!) to enjoy these fleeting moments all I can. Don’t grow too fast, baby boy.

Snuggling with his Ammy

I had to put this picture in of Stella (above) b/c he sleeps the exact same way she did! They both love to throw their heads back and sleep almost in a back-bend! 
With our sweet friend Isabelle

2 thoughts on “Tay-fur, Tay-fur, Tay-fur

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  1. so….he is SO STINKIN CUTE!!! One of these days we will have to do something so our plethora of kids can be friends. I just know maxwell would show him all sorts of rotten boy things to do. 🙂


  2. I'm really gonna miss watching your 3 precious kids grow & learn. I really was thrilled to have Ruby in 2&3s for those few weeks just so I could hug her when she came into class. She's a very special kid. She definitely has a fire in her that God could use in amazing ways!


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