Of First Importance

This is the second year as a family we read thru this during Passion Week. It was still a bit over Stella’s head but the object lesson of the candles helped bring the message home to her. We all felt the “silence” on Saturday since no candles were lit and couldn’t wait until Sunday to light ALL the candles and remember with great joy that Jesus, the light of the world, is alive!

The past couple of years around Easter Stella has memorized Scripture about the historical accounts of the resurrection. Last year we focused on the account in Matthew 28 and this year we memorized a portion of I Corinthians 15. I love how all the eye witnesses who saw Jesus alive are mentioned in that particular passage. Very powerful.

The day before Easter, we had fun making flower pen gifts for Stella’s Sunday School teachers. Also, after Easter lunch we decorated little chick cupcakes. We’ve been enjoying a new Bible story book we got them for Easter that I saw recommended here. Again, it’s a bit of a challenge for Stella’s thinking, but seems to be just what she needs. It’s been a great addition to the other 2 we’ve used over the past few years.

Here are some pics of our Resurrection Day celebrations!

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