A Lesson on Grace from a Pony

Awhile back we were winding down one of those nightmare grocery trips filled with discontent, crying, loud children…and they were mine. I was at the check out about ready to lose my cool with the girls when Stella had the audacity to ask if she could ride the 1 cent pony on the way out. My first thought was, “Are you crazy?! You think after the way you guys have been acting I would let you ride the pony today?!” As those thoughts were running through my mind, my heart was immediately convicted. I realized the pride in my thinking since I act in very similar ways with God. I couldn’t shake the thought that in spite of how short I fall from His standards, He always lets me ride the pony (meaning He always gives me better than I deserve). My eyes filled with tears as I was humbled by the great grace I constantly receive from Him but am stingy to show to my girls, especially when they aren’t acting in keeping with my standards. Even though they still didn’t get to ride the pony that day, through my teary eyes God helped me gain a fresh grace-filled perspective in dealing with them in a way that shows them more of Him and less of me. And that is what they always need – even more than a fun pony ride! 

For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust. Psalm 103.14

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