"It’s great to be at Curves! How may I help you?"

Those words rolled from my tongue pretty consistently for the first 3 years of living in MI. God provided a fun job for me that I really enjoyed managing a few different Curves workout facilities in our area.  

I was taken back to those good old days at Curves with a recent post of Noel Piper’s. I couldn’t help but think how cool it would be to work in the Curves where she attends and the many 1/2 hours we could fill talking about missions, biographies, Bethlehem, women’s ministry, and the list could go on and on (not that I would have much to contribute, but I would enjoy firing tons of questions and listening to her responses!).

But then, my mind wandered back to a wonderful pastor’s wife I did follow around the circuit for many 1/2 hours back when I was a new wife –  and seminary wife – at that. She had 2 small girls and she and her husband were in the first year of an exciting church plant in the area. She was venturing into home schooling her oldest daughter at that time as well.

We seemed to click right away. I loved talking with her about ministry and their seminary years and couldn’t help but feel an instant bond between the way she and her husband did things and the way Matt and I were endeavoring to do things in our young marriage. 

I remember those conversations so fondly and the way they served me so well then and even still, and think of what a privilege it was to know Kim Brown then and even more so to have her as MY pastor’s wife now. I love you, Kim!

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