qualities of true love

love seems to be the theme of several recent posts. we are still going thru the qualities of love from the month of february but are winding down our study. we’ve used some transcripts of john macarthur’s “qualities of true love” series and they have been excellent as we try to define and seek ways to apply this great virtue.

today was especially convicting. 1 cor 13:7a, “love bears all things.” defined, it means, “…Love, out of regard, respect, and honest concern for the real value of another person, will do everything it can to cover up and suppress the sin of that person. Genuine love is reluctant to drag a scandal in front of anyone. So when Paul says that love ‘bears all things’ he’s not talking about enduring a trial, he’s talking about covering the ugliness in someone else’s life.” and then macarthur uses the cross reference of 1 Peter 4:8b–…love covers a multitude of sins” and describes it as “love being a big huge blanket that runs around throwing itself over people’s faults…not exposing them.”

and where does this bring us, but again to the foot of the cross where redeeming love not only covered our sin but took it away. the latter is something we obviously can’t do for others…but what if i, with God’s help, lovingly and graciously covered over another person’s sin and ugliness in his/her life instead of replaying it in my mind and exposing it to others? wouldn’t this go a long way in leading that person to the One who won’t just cover it, but can take his/her sin away for good?

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