Making Room for Ruby

We found out last week at my appt with my specialist that as a precautionary measure he is recommending a little earlier delivery at 39 weeks. He used to recommend delivery at 36 weeks for people w/ my condition, but has found that’s not quite necessary anymore if the NSTs are going well (which praise the Lord they have been!). However, he doesn’t want me to be on the new medication I started last week for any longer than necessary and also doesn’t want to risk stressing the baby. So, Lord willing, we’re looking at a July 1st induction. The Lord is good and sovereign in all of this. He has humbled me and shown me that I am not above the sin of worry (which in my pride I used to think I was) since I’ve struggled w/ anxiousness so much over these past months and still do as delivery approaches. I am so human and it shows when I realize that (ironically and inanely enough) I desperately need grace to trust our trustworthy God! So I pray, “Lord, I believe. Please help my unbelief!”

Having Ruby is what’s important and I know that she really has everything she needs, but it is sweet that I have a husband who allows me to have fun making/decorating a home for our family. In the past few days we have begun preparing for little Ruby by getting Stelly’s new room primed and ready to paint (the plan is that Ruby will move into Stelly’s ladybug room). Then Matt is going to refinish the hardwood floors in the room since that’s the only room he hasn’t refinished yet.

Matt is quite a skilled painter. It’s an Owen thing, I guess. Dad O. started his own painting business to put himself through seminary and then for many years worked bi-vocationally painting so he could pastor. Consequently, he taught Matt to be a great painter. I really love watching him paint. I know this kind of painting is not an art, but I love how steady his hand is with a brush and that he doesn’t need to tape anything off and doesn’t get the paint anywhere but where it’s supposed to go!

Unfortunately, Stelly must have more of the Neuhart gene when it comes to painting. My great-grandpa used to tell the story that when I was little and helping him paint I told him I better quit because I thought I was allergic to paint. Nice excuse! Anyway, it was so cute hearing Matt talk Stella through how to dip the brush and catch the paint on the wall before it runs, etc. She loved “helping” Daddy!

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  1. Love these pics!! We can’t wait to meet Ruby! Remember my girls are available to help with anything that you need.Love,Cindy O


  2. Thanks, Cindy! Stelly had so much fun with Rachel last Thurs night!! She was such a sweetie and played with her so well for the whole time. It’s so nice knowing we left her in good hands! Love you guys!


  3. July 1st is just around the corner! Yeah! Look forward to “meeting” Ruby via the blogging world!! Will be praying for all of you over the next few weeks!


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