last summer and fall stelly wanted nothing to do with the big slides at the park. she was terrified of them to say the least. kids her age were flying down them on their stomachs and backs and however else they could think to go down but she couldn’t stay far enough away. so imagine my astonishment when we walk to the park a few weeks ago and she proceeds, with no prodding from me, to march up the steps and go down the biggest of all the big slides there. i couldn’t believe it. what in the world?!
here she is on one of her trips down the big slides

every parent has one of these crazy hair bathtub pictures in their archives
so we had to add one to ours. now we need to get one w/ a bubble beard!
stelly rolled lakeisha into the hall one morning with both of them sporting their sunglasses
then she wanted to wear the “elton” glasses and hold keisha’s bottle filled with necklaces

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