christmas in ohio

it is so nice being able to see both our families when we go home for a visit. we had a wonderful christmas celebrating with them. stelly had been working on memorizing luke 2:8-14 since october and she was able to say it for the christmas services we attended with them. amazingly enough, i think she understood some of the humility of Jesus’ birth b/c she felt really bad that He didn’t have a crib for a bed. that thought seemed to sink in because it was something she could relate to (not b/c she didn’t have a crib, but b/c a crib was pretty central in her life for 2 years!).
even though christmas is put away at our house, everyday we continue to celebrate Jesus and His power to save His people from their sins!
stelly loving spending time with ammy
appy’s birthday is on christmas day so he gets double the presents!
when she got to mimi and gampa’s she headed straight for the santa hat
proud buckeyes (even in spite of our loss on monday night)
mom owen always makes the most delicious food, so christmas dinner is even a step up from that (yes, it’s really that good!).

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  1. erica,just love the pictures:)thank you for the comment you made on our blog! emmit’s doing just fine. he did manage to hit his head this morning just above his boo-boo. he’s got bruises everywhere. i’m a bit nervous to take him to the grocery store today:) have been thinking about you guys lately. hope all is going well for you over at Community. sounds like a GREAT place!


  2. seriously…you are such a rebuke…I was reading that and thinking, that’s a lot for a little girl to memorize..then I thought, Ava knows almost the entire movie of Rudolph and now meet the robinsons so maybe she should also be memorizing some important things. just when I was getting the hang of Liela at home you have given me another task….


  3. nic, you hit the nail on the head -having 2 little ones makes a big difference. i didn’t even lead a semi-normal life until stelly was 6 mos old so i can’t imagine what it must be like having 2 to take care of!! God has just given us stelly at this point so whether she likes it or not, she gets most of my attention. you should probably feel sorry for her instead of putting pressure on yourself! 🙂 you’re sweet though.


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