christmas baking and our own little celebration

maybe we should’ve gotten her her an apron for Christmas! can you tell i’m a laid back mom?

stelly’s such a good little helper in the kitchen (not indicated by the previous picture!). one thing she did to help w/ christmas baking was unwrap several dozen hershey’s kisses for peanut butter blossoms.
in this picture she’s wearing or holding almost every gift she got from us!every time i read this book to her i tell her that of course she would tell mommy what had gone on that day while i was out! (our children will not lead secret lives, right, charisse?!?!)
what a shocking surprise! matt got me a past present future ring! i was so excited to get such a beautful and thoughtful present!

i got matt these starter clubs since he’s learning to golf. his hood is up so you won’t “fear the fro.” trust me, it’s not nearly as cool as ben wallace’s, although i love waking up to it every morning!

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  1. I tell av that too when we read the cat in the hat. Ava is surprisingly helpful in the kitchen too. She can dump a heap of flour like the best of them but I don’t think she would unwrap the kisses and not eat them…she has on occasion dipped her finger in plain flour and said it was good so I know chocolate wouldn’t make it into the cookies.


  2. nic, it’s funny remembering how we used to talk about parenting while we were working together at curves and to see now that we’ve both lived up to our “tough” talk! those ladies didn’t know what they were talking about when they said, “just wait until you have kids! your views will change!” crazy women!!!j/k. not ALL of them were crazy! 🙂


  3. Yeah, I always hated it b/c I wasn’t married yet so they felt the freedom to use my engagement as an opportunity to let me know how hard marriage is and how if I get married so young it won’t last very long. They would know b/c they had been through it all. I know 4 years isn’t forever but its longer than some of the marriages that were offering up the advice so… yeah for both of us!!! on our lasting love for both husband and child.


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