Store Closing

“Asher’s Candy Shoppe” has closed so our lives have returned to normal! Here are some pics from the past few weeks…

Mommy and Stelly at Jungle Java

This was typical of our morning at JJ – Stelly was in the way no matter what toy she was on! She would sit in the middle of the toy sucking her thumb which meant she was unintentionally blocking every other child who tried to use the toy.

The slide where she stayed perched for what seemed like several minutes just starring at everyone else.

Daddy made Stelly a playhouse out of the big box her chair was in that she got for Christmas.

The face she made when I asked her to “show me your teeth.”

Who says Daddy isn’t handy? He is good at more than Hebrew and Greek! 🙂
Notice the handle he crafted so she could open and close the door.

Stelly and Cate at the Valentine’s party Cate hosted. Love those pigtails! Stelly is quite intense about “reading” the new book she found at Cate’s.
Us at Andiamo’s Riverfront for Valentine’s Day

6 thoughts on “Store Closing

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  1. Your Stelly is so so cute! I love the pictures of her in her box. Jungle Java’s looks like a very cool place that we need to have here! We just got a Monkey Joe’s but I don’t know if they have coffee like this. Very fun!


  2. Such cute pictures!! Jungle Java’s does look very cool! I wish we had any kind of coffee shop around here, though! What store was closing…I know I’m really out of the loop?!


  3. I did Charisse Compton’s baby shower and it was a candy shoppe theme. I called it “Asher’s Candy Shoppe” since that’s what they’re naming their little boy! You aren’t out of the loop! Only people from here would know what in the world I was talking about! 🙂 Hope you’re feeling well!


  4. Christina-Yes! Jungle Java is in Canton just down the road from Ikea. It would be a good place for breakfast (or brefix, as you like to call it!) b/c it’s more like a coffeehouse for parents and kids! It’s fun b/c they have a toddler play area and then a larger play area/equipment for older kids. We got coffee and had a nice morning. Matt did get a little kid overloaded b/c there were so many children, but you and Nate were teachers, so it probably wouldn’t bother you! 🙂 Let me know if you go and how you like it!


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