little helper

i’m working myself out of a job – she helps unload the dishwasher and now she’s into vacuuming!

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  1. So cute…I can’t wait to see her in person again. She is getting so big. We’re going to be in Chicago the weekend of Mar. 30-April 1. I doubt that you guys are going to be there, but if you are there for another survey trip or something…maybe we could see you. Just thought I’d throw that out there just in case!!


  2. Erica,Acutally I once new you as Mariah. Ha ha! Its been so fun entering the blogging world. I love finding people I have lost touch with. Can you believe its been something like 13 years since we met at summer music camp? I wish so much we had stayed in better touch while we were in school. I think I was usually facing too much drama in my life. I have enjoyed reading through your blog and seeing where the Lord has taken you in life. Not far from where I grew up! I know sooo many people at Inter-City. I grew up going to Bethany Christian and attending First of Troy. As a teen we had a lot of connections with the Inter-City teens.I hope you have time to visit my blog. Just a quick recap. I married Joe, the one I was dating through college. And we had a baby boy, Jonas, 7 months ago. We still live in Greenville. Hope to hear from you soon!Sarah (Johnson) Barker


  3. Erica,I can’t believe I didn’t comment on your Stella. She is beautiful! I love her name too. Have you guys heard of the old lady Stella that used to live in Greektown around the 80’s early 90’s? We would go down there as a family a lot and she was a very elderly lady who wore a TON of makeup. She was homeless and sometimes slept at the police dept. She walked the street with a baseball bat and yelled at everyone! She was an icon down there for years. I’m sure your Stella won’t grow up to be like her but she was the first thing I thought of when I heard you had a Stella and now you live near Detroit! haha! Sorry it the comparison offends you! haha!Don’t you wonder sometimes where those “friends” are from music camp. I have had dreams that Charles is on Broadway somewhere and that Danny became a “Ladies Man” like his dad! LOL!Feel free to email me: sbarker290@charter.netHave a great weekend!Sarah


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