Happy Reformation Day

It’s only right to remember that important day in church history when Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five thesis on the door of Castle Church in Wittenburg, Germany. Today our hearts are drawn to worship the Lord afresh for salvation of grace ALONE, by Christ ALONE, thru faith ALONE, based on the Word ALONE, all for God’s glory ALONE.
God used a particular writing of Luther’s my junior year of college to help start a Reformation of sorts in my own heart. Since becoming a wife, I have learned much from reading and hearing about his dear wife and her own commitment to God and thus her husband and his ministry.
We are thankful for saints like Martin and Katharine whose rest is won (although they have not yet received all that has been promised them – Heb 11:39, 40), but with whom we still have mystic sweet communion…who like, Abel, though they are dead, by faith they still speak (Heb 11:4).

2 thoughts on “Happy Reformation Day

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  1. thanks, e. i love the commemoration of RD. how appropriate that we can honor saints of old within the proper paradigm (in a way that glorifies God rather than diminishing Him) on the day before the traditional All Saints’ Day (“Toussaints” here in France). i always much prefer RD to other holidays. for me, it’s right up there with Easter and C.S.Lewis’s birthday.


  2. Good reflections, sister! I, too, agree w/ the fact that we must let in the breezes of the ancient stream of Christianity in our living and doing church.


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