Happy Halloween

For those of you who have been asking for some video, here is a clip of Stella in her Halloween costume for the annual Jackson Dawson Halloween party. I explained Halloween to her tonight-I told her its a fun time every year where you get to dress up and get candy for Daddy. She seems agreeable to that arrangement…

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  1. Stelly’s development as a ladybug appears right on target. Her antennae are well-proportioned to her head and her spots appear uniform, though they are small and numerous. Perhaps in time they will meld together giving her the typical appearance of all ladybugs. Don’t worry Mom, she is still growing!! I am concerned that her wings are not easily defined, but that may just be poor picture quality. The real test is whether she will like aphids as much as she appears to like candy (back off, Dad…). All in all I think she is one adorable ladybug!!


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