We are the Champions (my friends and I)

I went to Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, today at lunch with some guys from work. Ford was having a partner recognition day for their suppliers. I took these pics with my handy iPAQ rx3715. They are of course horrible. Enjoy!
We found the only remaining Truth About Trucks display in North America that has a working DVD player.
An intimidating front line if I’ve ever seen one.

This picture is an unsuccessful attempt at capturing the majesty of the Ford field logo. Pittsley is standing in the foreground. For those of you with 20/20, this is what its like to have 20/80 vision and misplaced glasses.
A shot of the locker room…each player has his own personal chair!
Jason Elwartowski giving a press conference in the spot normally reserved for Steve Mariucci our coach.
This is what it is like to come out of the tunnel to the applause and cheers of adoring fans.
Joey Harrington (jared) on left and Charles Rogers (me) on the right. We are discussing a scintillating play bound to gain at least 3 yards.

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