Nursery…In Progress

As you all well know, no child is ready to be born until his/her parents have exhausted every possible reserve of energy prior to the birth by “fixing up” the nursery. As you may also know, “fixing up” may involve quite a bit more than the phrase implies including things like removing doors, refinishing floors, repainting walls, refinishing furniture, stenciling walls, etc. But when its all said and done, I guess the end product is worth it to the parents if not to the baby who will not be able to even see more than vague blurs of our toil for the first several months.

Here are two pictures of the nursery as we have it so far-again, my digital camera does not take high-res pictures so these are somewhat grainy. The one on top is a picture of the wall with the stenciling. Erica traced the outline yesterday with an overhead projector and I started painting it last night while she was attending someone else’s baby shower. I thought it was odd that she had purchased both red and black stenciling paint but started the task with black since that was what we had agreed on, right? When she arrived home, I proudly showed her the wall and she replied that it was nice but the wrong color. Fortunately I had not gotten too far into it-anyway, she had it finished by the time I came home from work today. The changing table is on the left as is an old dresser that we refinished. We bought the crib from the Haney’s (he is the youth pastor at ICBC).

This picture is the opposite side of the room. Erica got the idea to remove the closet door to save space (when it swings) and to put up a curtain instead. I installed the shelves at the lower part of the closet using some old pieces of closet maid stuff we found in the house when we bought it. So thats where things stand right now. Mom and Dad have been furiously working on roller shades which we will put up when they arrive. In the meantime, we will be installing the curtains either tonight or tomorrow.

So if you have any other suggestions of what could be done to the room, please don’t post them because we are tired!

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