A game for you…

One picture was taken at 4 months; the other was taken tonight. We’re putting this up as a fun game to see if anyone notices what the difference is. Let us know if you think you have the right answer!

Erica went to the doctor today and was informed that everything was exactly the same as last week. She is 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced (I actually know what those things mean, too). She could still have her any day now. The nursery is almost done-we just have to finish a few of the finishing touches. Jared Compton helped me hang some shelves in the closet this evening. Erica’s bag is packed and ready and I have the car seat in the car. (Can you tell this is the first time for us?)

One more thing, there may be some confusion about how to comment so let me clear that up (i.e. I don’t know if anyone has even looked at this thing yet). Below each post, you will see the word “comments” and a number next to it. If you click on “comments” it will take you to a screen where you can post something if you’d like. Ok, more tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “A game for you…

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  1. I think it is that Erica’s face is in the 2nd picture!! Is that the right answer???? Snil – Oh boy ! I might be leaving soon – let me know -call me or something!! Love Mom


  2. Um. I’m almost – almost – no, I AM – offended that neither one of you have communicated the existence of this blog to me. I had to find out through McWilly. (?!)That being said, I’m glad it occurs to you that you need this blog. Even if it doesn’t occur to you to tell your blogging-friends-who’ve-been-encouraging-you-toward-blogdom-for-years about it.Harumph. I think I’m going to need a time-out now. Will visit again soon. =}


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