Lose Yourself

With the gift of breath filling our lungs, we’ve cried our I love yous.

With the gift of strength enabling our hands, we’ve built and bolstered a family.

With the gift of endurance pushing us through, we’ve pulled closer together.

With the gift of time beating in our chests, we’ve made good on our promises.

With the gift of the Spirit soaring in our souls, we’ve rested in hope.

With the gift of laughter shaping our lips, we’ve smiled at the future.

With the gift of marriage decades in, we’ve believed in its honor.

With the gift of change recreating every part, we’ve grown older in trust, deeper in wisdom, and broader in perspective.

With the gift of love requiring more than we imagined, we’ve reaffirmed the beauty of selflessness, the glory of humility, and the good of losing ourselves living for each other. 

I love you, Matthew Joel.

Photo Credit: 2019, Ruby Jean Owen

6 thoughts on “Lose Yourself

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  1. Oh my talented friend, This is so beautiful.  I love each and every phrase. I might steal your one line about change.  I’ll have to write to Kemp and say how we’ve broadened many things – mostly my waist lineBut seriously….so poignant and touching

    I love you dearly, and I know our Father has already used you in my walk with His Son.Linda


  2. So Beautifully Said! Erica Sunshine you are an amazing Lady! Our continued prayers for your current chapter 🙏🙏
    Jack and I are over 50 years in and the adventures continue…. Gods Grace is sufficient and mercies new every morning!


  3. So beautifully said! I was thinking back on the early years of our marriage and how selfish and demanding I was back then. I’m so thankful my Lord and savior saved me from myself, saved our marriage. He has given me eyes to see how my beloved serves me everyday, and it is so much more precious than what I wanted back then. Thank you and Matt for being an example of what true love and serving one another means. I love you both so much! ❤️


    1. Well, friend, we have learned from your and Terry’s example before us. I remember talking with you about it when we made the trip to IKEA shortly after we moved here. It is beautiful to serve and humbling to be served but such a resemblance of the perfect way Jesus has loved and served his bride. We have so much to be thankful for, don’t we friend, even through cancer (or maybe because of cancer)?! I love you so much!


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