It Takes a Church, a Family, and a School

The African proverb, “It takes a village,” succinctly describes our interdependence as humans on one another to make it through life. My guest poster today, highlights that truth as she thanks various people for the important roles they played in her life, particularly during a stretching first year of Jr. High in the Accelerated Learning Academy at Orange Park Jr. High. 

Stella, our oldest daughter, asked if she could post the following article, thanking everyone who helped her on to 8th grade. 

The days were long, but the year was short. My seventh grade days were not easy for me. I tackled many personal hurdles, grew in some ways, and didn’t in others. But I’m very thankful for the teachers, friends, and family who helped get me through.

Gretchen and Sarah, I don’t know what I would’ve done without your fun selves!

Sophie, I’m so thankful for your encouragement.

Podcasters, you certainly made for many fun (and late!) Friday nights.

Mr. Allen and Mrs. Morgan, your faithful advice and lessons kept coming back to me and helping me.

Ms. Cheatwood, Mrs. Minkel, Mr. Neely, Mr. Swann, Mr. Blandin, Mr. Renfro, Ms. Tucker, Mr. Wood, Mrs. Grantham, and Mr. D – your patience and diligence helped me persevere.

You-Tubers, you have provided me with so much information.

CBC, my church family, you played a key role in my sanity, and were a safe haven for my discouraged soul.

Authors, you transported me to another reality.

Amanda Flach, thank you for saving my Algebra grade.

Finally, thank you to my family, the people who unconditionally love me and care for me and do more for me than I could ever repay: Mimi, Gampy, Auntie Jenny, Uncle Micah, KK, Ammy, and Appy.

Also, of course, my under-appreciated (by me), day-ones: Mommy, Daddy, Ruby, Schaeffer, and Eloise. We’ve had the best of times, and the worst of times.

And to conclude, thank you, God, for teaching me and continuing to soften my hard heart to accept what you have placed in my life.

So here’s to an accomplished, fulfilling, and much needed summer!

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