Outshining the Sun

The Bible says to look at the sky to know God’s there.

The sun that brightly runs its course, never late, spanning the globe. The moon and star-flung galaxies, stretching the expanse above, showing his glory and greatness.

And I look, captivated by wonder, and find comfort that he’s holding it all together.

But I can’t touch them like I can you. Your hand, created from the dust by that magnificent God, takes my hand of clay, and I can feel God’s love cover my shame and insecurities.

The feeble frailty of flesh, gloriously united with the power of the unfailing gospel message is this mission called Christian marriage, and we get to shine in a way the stars never can!

We get to speak, with actual words, of who he is and what he’s like.

I get to voice respect and show submission to you, and you get to say sacrifice and show self-denial to me.

And when I hear it and see it, I know he’s there, holding us two sinners together, keeping our covenant, and dust, intact until it all returns to the ground from which we came. Continuing to create us, humbly holding awe that points to our Creator-Redeemer.

So let’s compete with the stars! Let’s outshine the sun! Let’s tell of his love and kindness in a way they could never dream of doing!

That’s my prayer for us, this Valentine’s Day.

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