Cracking the Books

Today as you’re cracking the books for another school year, it also means we’re closing the chapter on the summer of 2016. Another one’s crammed full of memories and shoved in the books for safe keeping.

Every first day of school I feel like a bandaid has been ripped off a tender part of my heart and I’m left reeling in the pain of it all. It takes it awhile to heal, although I don’t think it ever fully does, before that tender part is uncovered again by another difficult feat of motherhood, keeping me raw and vulnerable.

There were smiles and tight hugs and brave words choked through tears as we sent you off this morning. For some moms I guess it gets easier. I’m not one of them.

But, I tell you to look up and remember that we’re all seeing the same sky and bright sun formed by the God who is there with you in the classroom, lunch room, and on that playground. And with me here as I’m grimacing in pain.

I tell you to listen up to the word of God that has been poured in your heart day after day in this home of ours.

And I tell you to speak up, telling the truth to yourself about who God says you are, talking to those who need a word of love and encouragement, and declaring who Jesus is to a system opposed to his way.

I’ll do the same, and we’ll catch up about it all at 3 PM today. Then we’ll do it over again tomorrow, with his help, writing each page of this book of the 2016-2017 school year. He’s a good author and I love his stories. And in the end, even though it’s another rough beginning, I think this will be a pretty good one too.

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