Dear Expectant Parent

As a way for expectant parents to get to know the different families seeking adoption, each adoptive family has to put together a profile book, introducing themselves. The expectant parents are given several profile books to look through and study to see which family seems like a good fit to parent their child. Then a face to face meeting (almost like an interview) is set up through Bethany where the expectant parents meet with the potential adoptive parents to see if indeed the match is a good one. A pregnancy counselor told us that it is so exciting to see the way God draws the two together and the amazing details only he can orchestrate. She said it is not unusual for her to feel like a third wheel in the interview because, often, the adoptive parents the expectant parents pick are just a more stable version of themselves. So they have music interests in common, have similar senses of humor, and even enjoy the same hobbies.
Below is the letter we wrote to the expectant parents who are viewing our profile book. It is the first page they see when they open the book, opening our arms to them as they are, and inviting them to get a glimpse into the life we seek to offer their child.

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