Abounding Grace

We are winding down our second week of school. There’s been enough grace to go around and we have every reason to believe “God is able to make [more] grace abound to [us], so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, [we] may abound in every good work.” (2 Corinthians 9:8)
Here are some pictures of us celebrating our last day of summer as a family and a few more pictures from the past couple weeks of school.
Storms were threatening so the beach was abandoned, but we had fun collecting shells and flying kites.
The boy wouldn’t stand still! Typical!
Exploring our new city. Hre we are at the Jacksonville Landing. Thankfully Ruby and Schaeffer had safe ones! 😉
Tradition of back to school manis and pedis!
Ruby, our empathetic girl, made Schaeffer this book to encourage him that they would have fun when she got home from school.
In addition to the book, she also made him a necklace to remember her by throughout the day. It was inscribed “Ruby’s Boy” to match the “Daddy’s Girl” necklace she received for the school year from her Daddy.
The packed-full backpacks. I bet you’ll never guess whose is whose! 😉
The sweeties on their first day, along with a salamander Ruby found on the sidewalk!
Walking in on the second day.
The line of cars waiting to pick up kids after school. You can’t tell here, but it was about 6 lanes wide! Thankfully, it has gotten much shorter this second week.
One of the things we miss most this summer is using our firepit since more heat is the last thing you want in Florida summers. We tell the kids maybe we’ll use the fire pit over Christmas! Until then, we made oven s’more dip for an after dinner first-day-of-school treat.
Schaeffer really is enjoying being an only child for a few hours a day. Here are my super boys on Matt’s day off. Schaeffer asked him if they could match.
He loves not having to share the Wii!
Looking deceivingly angelic as we color at the table.
This is more like it. We’re getting good at building bat caves!

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