Already Not Yet

At our church’s business meeting last Sunday, Matt gave a 3-month update since coming to OPBC. Overall, we are thankful for a smooth transition to life in Florida. In some ways, it seems like we just got here and in other ways, it feels like we’ve been here forever.

Just Got Here

The bugs. I thought it was only in Texas where everything is bigger, but I think that applies to FL too. We (and by we I mean I was in the same general vicinity when these things happened but as far away from said incidents as possible) killed our first snake, have rescued 2 huge bull frogs from our pool, and hired an exterminating service so we can sleep in relative peace knowing palmetto bugs aren’t taking over our house while our eyes are closed.

Speaking of frogs, I thought our new neighbors were playing music with a booming bass like we were used to in MI. Then Matt informed me those were not the familiar sounds of raucous music, but of nature. Nature?! What’s that?! We lie in bed at night listening to the serenade of frogs now. Can’t decide which I dislike more, nature or human nature! 😉

A frog spying on us outside our living room door!
The sun is penetrating. I love seeing it shine in the sky from my air conditioned house, but it’s heat is inescapably direct. The way MI cold chills you to the bone is the same way the FL heat cooks you to the core.

People are nice. Like really nice. In line at the store the clerks ask how you’re doing and really care. The drivers aren’t ready to pull a gun on you if you don’t move the milisecond the light turns green. There’s a general trustworthiness between neighbors and people in general. It is a welcome change.

Been Here Forever

Our church family. These people have opened their arms to us from the minute we set foot in the church. They have overwhelmed us with kindness and love and yet have given us room to adjust and space to transition. I even had some people thoughtfully say they were praying for me as we went back to MI for Matt’s sisters wedding and then had to leave again, knowing how hard that would be. They have brought us meals, stocked our pantry, worked on our plumbing, tagged along for an IKEA road trip, painted walls, installed molding, invited to play dates, helped with demolition and retiling, mowed our grass, and in general have opened their hearts in friendship. They haven’t made us “earn” their trust or held us at arms length until we prove we are who we say we are. Conversations flow easily and God has given us quick connections over everything from the people and books that have influenced us, to past sorrows and struggles, to the music we like. But most of all, God has united us around the Christ we love and serve. We are thankful for people who had been walking a distant but parallel path with us, now walking together, lives joined in a happy intersection. Blessed buds of promising friendships for the sake of his name.

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