Home Sweet Hotel

We’ve been in Jacksonville almost a week now. We have received an overwhelmingly warm welcome from our OPBC family. They’ve been keeping us well-fed as we set up house in the local Holiday Inn for awhile until our home is move-in ready.

Here are a few pics of our new area.

Our church building

Holy Week activities hotel style. Thank you, Bailey family, for the supplies making this possible!

Our new house after 2 walls were removed. (Insert corny joke about the first of many walls we hope to break down in JAX.)

Our things arrived safely from MI on Monday. The movers and construction workers warned us about all the ant hills on our sidewalk, driveway, and in our yard. Apparently ants bite in FL?!
Stella’s Florida-ready flip-flop clad feet
Alone time in the hotel room is hard to come by. Stella hides behind the curtains and creates her own window seat. Here she is reading Little Women. She’s loving it, Oginsky family! 🙂
Oh, Ruby!
Schaeffer with his bunny, affectionately named “Nothing.” Thank you, Brown family!


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