God’s Wisdom on Display – Part 1

I don’t mean to be melodramatic when I say that as each day passes, my heart gets heavier and the growing lump in my throat makes it harder to swallow. We’re down to just three more Sundays at CBC. I can’t even type those words without tears.

As I sort through things to pack, our possessions, although not worth much to many, I see tangible ways God’s great love has been shown to us through his church. There are the clothes for our kids, a much loved CD, a favorite toy, many books, and the scarf I wore today…gifts from God’s people to our family. Those small things are treasures to us because we treasure the people behind the gifts.

The couch with stains where Phil spilled his coffee, and our table where David copied down a phone number and the numbers transferred through his paper into our tabletop. The chairs Vin and Melissa sat in when they told us they were expecting Aurora. The sectional that’s absorbed the jumps of Krisalyn and Olivia’s little feet. Everywhere I look, I am reminded that our lives have been tied tightly and eternally with people God loves, has given us to love, and from whom we’ve received so much love. And it hurts to think of those ties being loosened by miles that will separate.

“God’s intent was that now, through the church, [His] manifold wisdom might be made known.” (Ephesians 3:10)

The church was a marvelous plan – God’s plan – to put His wisdom on display. These past years at CBC, we have been blown away by the numerous times and ways God has shown us how wise he is. We’ve had front row seats seeing God at work in people’s lives. There’s nothing more exciting than being part of God’s church. What a privilege it is to be married to a pastor and help him do the work of the ministry. More often than not, after church people leave our house for one thing or another, I want to crank up “Behold Our God” and fall down in worship before him. He is good. And loving. And powerful. And wise. We’ve seen it over and over and it never stops making our jaws drop and our fingers point to the God who alone does great wonders.

So, as these next weeks wind down, I hope to highlight just a few ways God has used CBC to put His wisdom on display for our family, so you too can behold our great God!

Here are a few things from our service today.

Matt’s friend and Cassie’s husband, Carl, got baptized today. Carl is a former athiest whose life has started being drastically changed by the gospel these past six months. You should hear this guy articulate the gospel and see his passion for Christ’s glory!
Buried in his likeness…
And raised to walk in newness of life! “Go ‘Acts’ on the world, Carl!” (Inside joke. But, if you’ve read the book of Acts, you’ll get it!)
And Nolan, a college student, joined our church in membership today. When many of his peers are leaving the faith, he sees the importance of choosing the right road, at this crossroads of his life.

Our God is indeed great!


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