My T4G Line-Up

How can two 30lb kids need this much medicine?! And, don’t worry, for all you anti-medicine friends. I used my best motherly instincts to determine what was most necessary and when! 🙂

Was reminded of a Piper quote these past few days, “[Mothers] intuit good theology. They don’t have time to read [it].” But thankfully, there have been some moments here and there this week to listen to good theology from T4G. Back to the gospel to help get me through.

Praising the Lord for my sister-in-law and church family, who are like family, to help us through as well. Like the girltalkers said, “[We have felt] very together with the children this week.”

By God’s grace, I hope to greet my husband with a refreshed spirit, matching his. But boy will we be glad to see him!!!!

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