100 Days of Grace

Today marks our 100th day of school. We’ve celebrated by having a toast bar for breakfast, recounting His provision and care for us, praising Him in prayer for helping us through the past 100 days, and are looking forward to an afternoon movie. We aren’t counting the days primarily so we can know how many school days we will have completed by the end of the year, but so we can have a tangible way to show we have a God on whom we can count!
It’s hard to measure grace. We know it’s multiplied abundantly (grace upon grace – John 1:16), just what we need (My grace is sufficient for you – 2 Corinthians 12:9), and is given when we need it (receive mercy and grace to help in time of need – Hebrews 4:16). We know the origin of it (God of all grace – 1 Peter 5:10) and where it can be found (the throne of grace – Hebrews 4:16). And all that’s a perfect summary of these past 100 days. Our God, who is full of grace, has abundantly given us better than we deserve, when we need it, in a way that magnifies His strength and our weakness. For all this we praise Him!
It is encouraging to look back at the large portions of workbooks completed. Miss Long and the Shorts have become beloved family members. Number bonds have made us feel like we’d be “bound” to certain units in Singapore Math forever. But God makes things “click” at just the right time. We don’t function like a well-oiled machine around here, but we do function, and that’s yet another evidence of grace!
I love having these kids with me all the time (most of the time). I love being part of and observing their discovery process. All truth is God’s truth, and I know that what is true about everything they are learning points to Him as the source of it all. 
The First Grader:
By far, one of the greatest joys this year has been watching Stella become a competent reader. Mrs. Hubbard gave her such a good foundation last year and it has all really come together for her. I know everyone learns at a different pace and it mostly evens out by middle school, but it is thrilling to see her reading my old books which I wasn’t reading until the 4th grade. She is in love with E.B. White and has read Charlotte’s Web numerous times. She has also read Stuart Little and is over 1/2 way through Trumpet of the Swan. And let me tell you, she has no shortage of opinions and critical thoughts about what she’s reading. I was telling her E.B. White wasn’t alive anymore and she exclaimed in disappointment, “Are you serious?! I was really wanting to talk with him about doing a second Charlotte’s Web. I mean Charlotte has these spider babies and another book would be perfect to develop their lives.” And she has her first crush on a character. She told me, “Mom, I wish Sam (in Trumpet of the Swan) was real. I think I’d marry him.” She has a sheepish little grin on her face when she’s talking about him too. Oh dear.
The Preschooler:
In true Ruby fashion, our preschool lessons have involved her exclaiming, “Now yisten, Mommy, to what I’m going to teach you today!” Asserting authority seems to be a strength of hers.  But physical little Ruby settles down just enough to have completed many worksheets and units from Two Teaching Mommies. They are perfect for her at this stage. She’s glad when it’s done though and she can flip over her page to draw the classic preschool circular person with arms and legs protruding from the round form. She is showing a love for learning in between the “meals” she preparing, books she’s “reading,” super-heroes and “mean guys” she’s channeling, and babies she’s mothering. She is the complete package, let me tell (or warn – depending on the day) you. Strong and sweet at once.
The Toddler:
Schaeffer’s favorite school time activity is coloring…on the couches (upstairs and down), pillows, bedroom comforter, and the front door. Yes. He has done all of that at different times over these past 100 days. Following in his sisters’ footsteps, he has grown to love the Little Einsteins. He comes for cuddles while I teach, which quickly deteriorates into his grabbing for the scissors or stapler or some other dangerous object. He sits on my lap while we read, loves trains and cars, and hits his head, walls and sisters frequently. He keeps our day interesting…and interrupted….and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
(Pictured here “answering” the catechism question, “Are there more gods than one?” with “No. There is only ONE true God.”)
The Weary Mom and Teacher:
She runs on grace powered by the gospel and, she admits, large quantities of coffee. She tries to fill her heart full each morning so she can serve from the overflow, but by 9 AM, the overflow is gone, and she can be found as a permanent fixture at the throne of grace. Her children have seen the worst of what’s in her heart this year, but the best of Jesus, in turn. She isn’t super woman, by any means, and feels like “super” only describes her neediness and weakness. She confesses that she’s eager for nap time/quiet time each afternoon, and struggles with time management, keeping the house clean and organized, and the pull of the wonders of the internet, like everyone else. She stands in awe of God’s grace and knows the theme of her days is “nothing in my hands I bring, simply to Thy cross I cling.”
So we’ve counted 100 days of God’s grace to us. Here’s to counting on Him for the next 100 as well!

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