my iphone’s glimpses of 2011 – final installment

october – december (top left to right):

1) does it get any sweeter? sisters thanking God for providing their food.
2) can you give me a hand? another fall craft.
3) read too much paul tripp? i mustache you a question.
4) already asking for the keys? schaeffer drives the motor city.
5) another you tube video laugh? or was it awkward family photos?
6) does she get paid for this? stella organizing the lip glosses at express.
7) did the collage really cut out the girls enjoying their tea party? ugh.
8) can stella escape ammy’s throw of the big ball? thanksgiving fun.
9) ever wake up on the wrong side of the crib? he does.
10) should we be worried? “mommy, do i have to clean my purses out? they’re full of my mean guy stuff!” yikes – a chain saw? a staple gun? a drill?
11) been to the holy land? closest we’ve gotten is “a night in bethlehem” at bethel assembly of god.
12) how could i not take a picture of this sweet sibling interaction? enjoy it while it lasts.
13) think they’re a little excited to paint their chalkboard placemats? gotta love their high class garbage bag smocks.
14) will there be any rolo pretzel turtles left for our neighbors? “mommy, can i have another one?”
15) how long will it be before i let ruby use a glue stick again? gift bags for christmas treats.
16) who’s concerned about eating raw eggs? beaters are just too tempting.

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